Book Review: Keeper of Lost Cities

This column is written by Matthew L., who writes book reviews for the Swerve. If you want to recommend a book, please email

My second book recommendation is keepers of the lost cities. We all like magical creatures and fiction books right? Well the first book is above and it is about a girl named Sophie Foster that was raised by humans, but is an entirely different species! She has a secret that no one can know about until someone(Fitz) finds her. Sophie is about 13 and is in her senior year of high school because of the different species, she is smarter than other humans. Sophie has brown eyes and elves have blue ones. When Fitz finds her, she must leave her old life behind. Sophie had to drug her family to move on to her new life. She attends a new school called Firefox and has guardians named Grady and Edaline. She worries about her spot in the school because of one of the twelve Councillors. His name is Bronte and he doesn’t like Sophie because he doesn’t like to be wrong and he was wrong about Sophie existing. Also, she discovers that she was hidden by an organization named The Black Swan.

She finds secrets in her locker like a Spyball which lets people see other people. Her locker can only be opened by her DNA.(She has to lick it). She also fades a lot while light leaping. Light leaping is where you hold a crystal up where light can reach it. Then you can go where the crystal is made to go.  When your concentration isn’t enough you could fade. Sophie faded with 2 nexuses on her. Nexuses are supposed to keep you from fading and most people only wear one.  Her two foster parents have abilities. Most elves have abilities like mind reading, controlling water, controlling fire, turning invisible, being able to talk in all languages, and many more. Elves judge other people by talent not money.

Sophie right now has 6 abilities including her photographic memory and being able to teleport. She was kidnapped by a group she thought was the black swan with Dex.(I am not going to tell you guys the name of the group because I don’t want to spoil it). Dex is one of Sophie’s friends. A black swan member rescued her, but disappeared and Sophie and Dex were captured again, but in the end Fitz rescued her, but Sophie still faded.  This is a good book and I give it 4.5 out of 5. 

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