Fiction: Adventures on Earth part 2

Adventures on Earth Part 2

By Jillian and Zara. Send your fiction to

It was 6 long months, and the squad was finally ready to go to their newly discovered planet. They had done some more research and discovered a safe way to be able to get to the planet. Once they reached their destination, they would study all the substances and identify if they could quite possibly move their civilization to that planet.It was the day of the crew’s departure, and they were preparing themselves for their journey.

    “We’re going to have to name the planet sooner or later. If you dumb-dumbs keep arguing about this, we’re never going to be able to leave the house.” said Seldoon. “If it has some kind of life, maybe they are intelligent and they already named their planet.” said Redneval. “I doubt they’re as smart as me”, said Chev, “because they didn’t find a planet so let’s name it planet Chev.” “How would you know if they ever found a planet? Maybe, we should at least get there before we name it. If it’s a gross smelly planet, we can name it planet Chev.” said Redneval. Chev scowled at Redneval and then stormed off.

    Seldoon’s job was to make sure they had everything that they would need to embark on their journey. He gathered plenty of tools to closely examine the planet. Luckily for them, they’re aliens so they don’t need food or water to survive.

    “Did you gather the supplies yet?” Chev questioned. “No, but maybe if you helped me, it would go faster.” said Seldoon in a stern voice. “Why would I help you? I’m already doing everything else. The least you could do is help ME.” Chev snarkily replied. “Excuse me?!” Seldoon said furiously. “YOU’VE BEEN DOING ALL THE WORK? I’m the one that always has to clean up your messes! I’m always working while you’re arguing with Red!” Chev was taken back at Seldoon’s sudden outburst. “What is wrong with everyone today?” Chev thought to himself.

           Not too long after, Red and Chev got into a fight about who’s more interesting. “I found a planet! That makes me super interesting!” said Chev. “Well I know someone who found a planet. Besides, that’s the only thing. I am a MASTER shape- shifter meanwhile you just know basics. I also know how to take care of 3 dummies and I know how to hula- hoop and jump rope” exclaimed Redneval. Chev then said, “Big whoop. You can jump over a string, spin a circle on your body and change the shape of it. I will change Kepler history forever.” Redneval yelled and left the room. “I hate you!”

    The gang was almost ready to make their adventure to the new planet, but they’re little squabbles and feuds may stop them. Will they ever make it to the new planet? Or will they apart before they even enter space?

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