Adventures on Earth: Part 3 by Jillian L and Zara S

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Adventures on Earth: Part 3 by Jillian L and Zara S.

       The squad was preparing to board the ship when Rahas walked up to them. “Can I come?” Rahas said in a pouty voice. “Sorry Rahas, it’s too dangerous” “Fine”, said Rahas in a whiny voice. She whispered under her breath, “I guess I’ll have to find a way to sneak on board.” “What?”, said Rendeval. “Oh nothing,” replied Rahas trying to sound as innocent as possible. She disappeared for the next few hours but nobody seemed to notice because they were so busy with their own stuff.

    Seldoon and Chev were both mad and they didn’t want to talk at each other. This made it very hard to work. Chev and Redneval had a fight before about who was more interesting but they both agreed they were pretty awesome for going to a newly discovered planet together. Chev and Seldoon thought their fight was a bit more important than being interesting. They both thought they did all the hard work when it came to planning out the missions. 

    Redneval was tired of having to communicate with them and she was becoming stressed out about the fact that she might have to go to space on her own. She wouldn’t let that happen because she needed the help out there. She thought maybe there could be a way to get them to talk again. Maybe if she did all the work on the ship, they would both see they were worthless sacks of nothing. Or, that would make them even more mad and they wouldn’t even talk to her. Still, she didn’t notice her sister was nowhere in sight.

    The squad was about to board the ship when Redneval accidentally stepped on Chev’s foot. “Ouch!” Chev yelled in pain. “Oh sorry-” Redneval said when Chev cut her off. “This is obviously sabotage! You are trying to get me injured on purpose so that I can’t travel to the planet so you could take all the credit!” “Are you kidding me?” Redneval exclaimed. “Shut up you dunderheads! We’re never gonna leave if you keep bickering! Can you just use your brains for at least a second?” Seldoon said. “Seldoon is right. We have to work together from now on.” Redneval admitted.

    The squad finally got on the ship and got everything ready. “Everybody put their seatbelts on!” Chev shouted. Little did they know, Rahas had sbuck onboard and was in the back. “3…2…1… LIFT OFF!” 


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