Book review: Dog Man series by Matthew L

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The picture I put on the top is the first book of Dog man. Dog man is a book about a dog-headed cop as you can see. A tragic accident happened with a police officer, his dog, and a bomb. The police officer and his dog were rushed to the hospital, but the cop’s head and the dog’s body was dying. Luckily, a nurse got the genius idea of attracting the dog’s head to the cop’s body and the best dog headed cop was born. Petey the cat planted the bomb and that is how dog man was created as I wrote above.  Petey has an assistant and tries to defeat dog man with a vacuum cleaner. Petey accidentally gave dog man an idea when he said the bag expands, so it can suck up almost anything. The vacuum cleaner chased dog man into the question which made the vacuum cleaner suck up the ocean. The vacuum cleaner’s bag got so big, it exploded and Petey went to jail. That is just one part of the book!

The second part is when chief got fired and a robo chief took his place. Chief was warned by the mayor(which was helping a villain). The mayor said if a villain escapes again, you’re fired. Dog man followed the mayor and the mayor was talking to the villain. Dog man recorded everything. The mayor gave Petey an invisible spray which helped Petey get out of jail. When Petey escaped, the mayor fired chief and got replaced by a robot which was made from the villain. The villain is named Dr. Scum. Dr. Scum set up a lot of bad shops and when Petey came, he was not happy. He sabotaged the shops and the mayor sent robo chief to get him. Robo chief met his end when he shot a missle up a slide and got hit with it. Dog man was sent to capture Petey and he used his sweat to wet everything around him. When Petey got wet the spray wore off and he was captured by dog man. When Petey got captured, dog man got out his phone and the mayor was arrested. The new mayor hired chief back. I give this book 4.9/5 because I read this book 5 times and it doesn’t get that boring. If you are bored with the book, take the book to a place where you can get it again and don’t read it for a year. Then Dog man will be interesting again. I put the first book and the other series in the picture. 


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