Dear Ms. McAuliffe: Advice Column

If you have questions for our advice columnist (a fellow McAuliffe student) please send them to this form:

How do I control myself when my friends make fun of me and say its a joke when I get mad?


Hi! I’d say that when you feel yourself getting mad, you should remove yourself from the situation and close your eyes. When your eyes are closed take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. There are a bunch of techniques to help relieve stress. You can find one that works for you. But I am just stating the ones that work for me.
Also, it is important to tell your friends that what they say is hurtful to you and that, even though they think it is a joke, it’s not funny to you. And if people are making fun of you, are they really your friends?
Anyways, taking a walk always works as well. Sometimes, you need to just need to focus your attention on something different and that would help to calm you down. If these do not work, you can always just search up some methods to relieve stress/anger. Good luck!


How do you balance the intensity of SHSAT prep and the workload of classwork/homework/responsibilities everyday? (I have prep 5 days a week and the homework load keeps me working late)


Hello, I’d say that you should make a schedule every day of things you need to do. Always stick to the schedule as well. When doing your work, focus on only that assignment and always finish what you started. If it keeps you working late, try to get some homework done during lunch/free time. I hope this helped!


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