Did you know Minecraft is educational? By Grant I.

Did you know that Minecraft is educational? By Grant I.

    Did you know that Minecraft is educational? Most people think that Minecraft is a violent game like many of the other games out there. But Minecraft really is educational. There are so many different things you can do, see and learn in the world of Minecraft! The possibilities are endless and definitely thrilling!  Although Minecraft is educational, it is also one of the most popular games in the world.  It is extremely fun for the whole family, including my sister who started playing at the early age of 4.  Read on to learn more about this educational topic…

    I started playing Minecraft a few years ago when I was seven years old, and I never thought it would be my new source of education. It was the only game my parents would let my siblings and I play because they said it was helping me learn. I didn’t believe them and carried on playing.  Soon after, my sister, brother and I started saying words and expressions that my parents didn’t even know!  My sister asked my mother to watch her do parkour over a ravine.  My brother was showing my parents the Periodic Table of Elements and I was building in a natural biome and climbing up basalt pillars.  All of these terms and more had our parents amazed at what we could learn in just playing Minecraft.  

When I was in fifth grade and had difficulty with a topic in Math, ELA, Social Studies or Science, and whenever I didn’t know how to do something, I did it in Minecraft!  With the permission of my parents, I decided to create Minecraft educational videos to help me learn material in a different and entertaining way. I created a YouTube Channel with all things educational Minecraft.   This year, we were learning a topic in Social Studies that I found a little difficult to memorize and learn.  I was studying the Paleolithic Age (The Stone Age) so I demonstrated it in Minecraft.  It helped me to remember the order of events in history as well as the tools that were used, their food source, where they lived and more.  It was amazing!  Here is the video…




    I hope that my videos can help other people learn things in a fun way!  You can also learn from a different game created by Minecraft called Minecraft Education Edition!  There are fun worlds and cool things to do! There is a world where it teaches you the Periodic Table of Elements!  You can make elements and chemicals with those elements!  Like when you combine two hydrogen and one oxygen then you get water!  They also hold challenges like the Lumen Power Challenge and Build a Sustainable Community Challenge. Some schools use Minecraft as a fun learning tool and a cool after school program for their students to learn and engage in a fun game, but sneak in some learning at the same time! (Hint, hint, it’s a suggestion. 🙂)

    Thank you for reading and please let me know if you like my educational videos!



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