Fiction by Danielle D

It was a dark and stormy night. I was shaking, not only because the trick-or-treat basket was, but also because my tiny soul was shivering in fear. My peers were right next to me, witnessing the terrifying human’s hand above us. The monster suddenly made a sharp turn around something, and the basket banged against a rough, dark surface. One of my peers had been destroyed. Brown liquid poured out of my peer. Just as I was thinking that the situation couldn’t get any worse, we all heard a monstrous sound coming from outside the box. More sounds joined in, and my invisible ears seemed to stop working. Mysteriously, the hand kept reaching in and destroying my peers one by one. My invisible eyes spotted the mouth of the creatures from the hole in the box. I was suddenly aware of the fact that I was the one candy left in the box. The hand reached in, grabbed me, and bit into me. My senses reached out to feel the creature finding joy in my delightful taste. Maybe getting eaten wasn’t that bad. My senses kept reaching out, and I myself felt the joy of eating something as delicious as me. I went out of existence as a whole in joy and happiness. There is always a hint of positivity in a negative situation.

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