Poll: KPop Opinions in 7th grade

What Christa McAuliffe Thinks About K-Pop

By Jennifer P, Elina S, Carlie W, Charise L

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-Mr Savarese

We went around asking everyone we know what they thought about K-pop and their impression on it, these are some of the responses we got.


Anonymous 1: “I like Kpop and their songs sound good even though I don’t know what they are saying.”

Anonymous 2: “I think Kpop is funny. I think BTS is very pretty and I love their makeup.”

Anonymous 3: “I think the song Butter is annoying.”

Anonymous 4: “Kpop hits different.”

Anonymous 5: “Kpop is great.”

Anonymous 6: “I listen to it sometimes, rarely though.”

Anonymous 7: “Ariana Grande is better!!!”

Anonymous 8: “It’s ok but not really my thing.”

Anonymous 9: “They look like cute people in funny costumes.”

Anonymous 10: “Very nice, Enhypens comeback.”

Anonymous 11: “BTS stands for bowel syndrome.”

Anonymous 12: “Jpop for the win. (meaning jpop is better.)

Anonymous 13: “I hate KPop.”

Anonymous 14: “Kpop is so bad that it’s unreal. Kpop is terrible.”

Anonymous 15:”kpop is the bestest bestest bestest!!

Anonymous 16: “kpop is so bad and very ew, I hate it so much it can burn to the ground.”

Anonymous 17: “YES I’M A NCTZEN”

Anonymous 18: “Smooth like butter!!”

Anonymous 19: “Some of the fan groups are really toxic..”

Anonymous 20: “Why are u asking me, I only listened to 2 songs, I have no opinion on it.”

     Bonus!!: Hi guys, to end it off strong, we have a certain entry that had a strong opinion on Kpop, here it is:

(please actually read it the person who wrote it took a long time so be considerate)

      Personally, I think that K-pop is amazing. Not only do many of their songs have extremely meaningful lyrics, but are amazingly catchy too. In comparison, in American pop (or just regular pop) you can find a lot of songs about inappropriate things. Of course, all genres of music have songs that include not-so appropriate lyrics. But, specifically, a majority of k-pop songs do the complete opposite of that. 

     For instance, we can take a look at the song “Epiphany” by Jin of BTS. This song is about self-love. In the song, Jin sings “I’m the one I should love in this world.” From this, you can see how the message of self-love is portrayed in the song. Continuing, “Noir” by Sunmi talks about how people would do anything for social media. I’m sure that a lot of people nowadays can relate to this, as it is becoming a more and more common theme to show a “perfect” life on social media platforms, like Instagram. So, you can see another example on how k-pop songs have meaningful lyrics. Finally, B.A.P’s “Wake Me Up” visualizes in the music video some of the most common mental illnesses, such as body image, depression and anxiety. Not only is there an extremely meaningful message in the music video, but there’s also a meaningful message portrayed in the lyrics. The lyrics send a powerful message of hope to put these struggles to sleep once and for all.

     Now, you may disagree by saying the commonly heard reasoning of “you don’t understand what they are saying,” so how would you even get these meanings from the lyrics? Instead of complaining about that, you can just look at lyric translations. If you’re too lazy to do that and you STILL talk bad about k-pop, I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” when you were little, so why don’t we apply that same phrase to music: Don’t judge a song by it’s language. 

     You have to also keep in mind that it’s extremely difficult for K-pop artists to not be put down because of their ethnicity. An example of this can be shown when people praise famous people for breaking gender norms, by wearing clothing pieces, like skirts. When k-pop artists, like TXT, wear skirts, they’re bashed for it and called gay as if it was a bad thing. On the contrary, when western artists like Harry Styles wear skirts, Harry is praised and a role model. (No hate to Harry) Not only is this unfair to k-pop artists, but it just shows another factor in how difficult it is for them.

     So, before you share negative thoughts on k-pop, please take some of the following points into consideration.



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