The Disappearing Ghost by Sophy W and Jolin D., 707

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-Mr Savarese

Chapter 1 – Myth Comes True 9:30 p.m.: 

It was a dark and stormy night while I was waiting for everyone to arrive at my spectacular Halloween party. I decided to rent a haunted mansion. It is said that a girl named Cassie Smith disappeared one day without a trace while her rich dad (I’m also rich) was at work. This all happened on a dark and stormy night, just like today, but no one knows if this is true. 

I was tired of sitting and waiting, so I decided to go on a tour of the house. I took my bodyguard with me. As I was walking up the stairs, I heard a loud wail behind me. I abruptly turned around and saw nothing there. Strange…. I could have sworn I heard something! 

As I entered the long hallway, I slowly opened the creaking door to the closest room I could find. Inside the dusty room, there was a crumbling bed with a blanket that had faded into a musty light blue – almost whitish. There was a balcony that had fallen down and the remaining piece was wobbling due to the wind. There was a picture on the chipped wooden desk that showed a mysterious young girl with long black hair. 

I stepped out of the room looking at my watch to check the time – 9:45. I still had time, so I went into the room across the hall which immediately looked like it was an office. It was probably for the rich dad – “WAIT! THERE IS NO GHOST!! It was just a regular office.” I told myself unsurely. I stepped toward the drawers and told my bodyguard to open up the drawers. Inside, there was money that was falling apart. I glanced at the desk and saw a yellow colored paper with writing on it. It was a letter addressed to James Smith, Cassie’s dad! 

I could make out a few words “danger…secret…basement…midnight…eyes…” as I could hear the guest arriving. I quickly told my bodyguard to make up an excuse for my disappearance while I quickly left the office scared out of my skin. I was speed-walking past the first room when I felt something pull me into the room and locked the door. I screamed and tried to escape. 

“Don’t be scared, we don’t have a lot of time. I need to warn you about something.” said a voice.

“Who’s there?” I said nervously while looking around the room.

“My name is Cassie,” she said, fading into view.

She was about to say something else when I stopped her and told her I needed to go downstairs to greet the guests.

After Cassie explained to me that she had been killed by a snake who only came out on Halloween at midnight. I asked her about the paper I found in the office. She told me that it was supposed to be for her father, asking him to keep everyone away from the snake. 

“So, the snake is going to come out today.” I replied, catching on pretty quickly.

“Yes, unfortunately, that is true,”  Cassie reluctantly replied. 

Chapter 2 – The Disappearance 10 p.m. 

Amy’s P.O.V.

(Time for my part! -) 

“Amy, wanna join the game of apple dunking?” Jasmine askes strolling over. 

“No thanks .” I replied. 

“Ugh you’re such a party pooper.” Jasmine said, rolling her eyes. 

Suddenly, the loud upbeat music stopped and turned into an eerie sound of a girl singing. 

Everyone turned quiet, finally someone asked “Where is the music?” 

Jasmine shivered in fear “W-what’s h-happening?” she stuttered. “I think I need to call my dad.” She reaches for her phone and dials her dad. But nothing happens. 

“The telephone lines are down.” I say looking out the window. 

“Oh no, it must be her.” Jasmine halp-whispers with a blank stare. 

“WHO???!!!” Everyone asks. 

“Cassie Smith…” Jasmine whispers. Suddenly, the singing stops and everyone looks around.

 “It’s ok.” Jasmine says. “The party goes on!!!” Everyone cheers not-so enthusiastically. 

The music starts again and everyone starts partying again. An uneasy feeling lingers inside me. Through the corner of my eyes I see Jasmine slip into the back stairway. 

I follow Jasmine quickly and quietly. She goes to the second floor where a sign says “DANGER, NO ENTRY.” Strange, I thought. Going on I see Jasmine disappear into the first room, I follow in and see Jasmine talking to…someone? At first I see nothing but the image of a girl, yes a girl appears. A girl , yes a girl appears. A girl wearing a nightgown. 

“ Jasmine, is that Cassie!!??”  I exclaimed. 

Jasmine jumps clearly startled. “What are you doing here?” she hisses at me. “

 I followed you, I knew you were hiding something.”  I said promptly.

“Don’ t worry Jasmine, she can see ghosts just like you.”  Cassie reassured Jasmine as she gave me a warm smile. I couldn’ t help but smile back. 🙂

Suddenly, the church bell in the distance went: Ding…Dong…Ding…Dong…Ding… Dong…Ding…Dong…Ding…Dong…Ding…Dong…

Jasmine and Cassie

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