Send your creative pieces to our new email address –

Please include your name, your class, and a title for the submission in the email. Also include a one-sentence “artist description” of what you’ve done: what tools did you use? what was your inspiration? what is the meaning you want to give us?

The Swerve is a student-run digital magazine. Current students, alumni, and parents can submit original work of any kind. We will publish anything you’d like to share! This includes but is NOT limited to: drawings, photos, short stories, long stories, nonfiction writing, poems, current events, opinion articles, school-related articles, advice, reviews of video games or movies or music, recipes with instructions, original music, videos of dancing, restaurant recommendations…. and literally anything else!

If you would like to work in studio time for The Swerve, then please list The Swerve as your class on Friday afternoons for NIA.

The faculty moderators of The Swerve are Mr Savarese (room 311) and Mr Feil (room 209)

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